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Ask Yoga Today

Ask Yoga Today – Proper Alignment in Warrior Poses

Posted: June 19th, 2012 by Neesha Zollinger No Comments

Dear Neesha,

Will you please discuss proper pelvis/leg alignment during Warrior poses?  Thank you, Naomi

Hi Naomi, Thank you for writing with your question, it is always nice to take some time to clarify.

The 3 Warrior poses have slightly different leg and pelvis alignnent in the methods that I have been taught.

In Warrior 1 the pelvic basin should be squarely forward, the back leg internally rotated.  This means that your back foot will be rotated  forward a lot (or even lifting your back heel) to avoid twisting in the knee.

The pelvic basin is open to the side in Warrior 2.  The front leg has external rotation and the back leg still has internal rotation to optimize opening in the pelvis, but most people can generate that rotation with the back foot paralell to the back of the mat.  Also, just because the pelvis is open to the side, it does not mean 180 degrees open.

A whole essay could be written on how to appropriately spiral the legs for maximum opening, but we will save that for a later post.

In Warrior 3 the front of the pelvis is square to the floor, so the back leg has an even deeper internal rotation than in Warrior 1.

I hope that this helps inform your awareness and health in yoga! Any questions are welcome, just post them here on the blog!

Blessings for a fierce and powerful practice!


Yoga Today Update

Filming Flashback!

Posted: June 12th, 2012 by admin No Comments

Summertime is the season of filming! Here’s a look back on some of our favorite moments from last year.

Sarah and Kim in a meeting of the minds

Setting up for the day on top of Shadow Mountain - what a view!

Taking a break to discuss Sarah's Kundalini energy class at the Snake River Ranch


Community & Events, Yoga Today Update

2012 Workshop Recap

Posted: June 5th, 2012 by admin 4 Comments

How do we sum up the Yoga Today Workshop? A weekend full of laughter, lessons and “liquid life.”

“Liquid life” is the magical term Neesha uses to describe prana. It’s one of the many endearing phrases that she, Adi and Sarah shared with us over the weekend at the Yoga Today Workshop. Here are a few more highlights from our three days of enlightening yoga practice in the mountains of Jackson Hole:

Sarah leads an outdoor vinyasa at the workshop's welcome reception.

Adi teaches us "yoga is all about change" as she leads the second half of the outdoor vinyasa.

Neesha shows us how to use our biceps and wrists to protect the precious C7 vertebrae during shoulder stands.

Sarah gives us the tools to ease depression, anger, and anxiety with her Kundalini First Aid Kit.

Adi's backbending class starts with soothing chest expansions.

Sarah stimulates the chakras and gets the electricity flowing with Kundalini.

Health & Lifestyle

Feed Your Happiness, Not Your Suffering, by Mona Lisa Godfrey

Posted: May 29th, 2012 by Mona Lisa 8 Comments

In asana, I always emphasize to my students the importance of learning to trust ones intuition and to practice listening to the subtle voice within. I also seek guidance from others, but I’ve consistently and firmly believed that all the “right” answers – on and off the mat – already exist within. This idea became my personal truth and the foundation upon which I built my practice.

So I was devastated, when a few months ago my life turned upside down due to choices I made based on what I felt was intuition. I felt I had parted with a precious friend, a once trusted voice, and all the confidence that went along with her. My once proud roar had turned into a distant murmur and I found myself listening passively, as others told me how to get back on my path to happiness. I never found that path.


Health & Lifestyle

Celebrate Mother’s Day the Ayurvedic Way with Ashley Pitman

Posted: May 7th, 2012 by admin No Comments

Do you ever find it challenging to celebrate family gatherings and still maintain your mindful eating habits?

If this challenge is showing up right now around Mother’s Day, you’re not alone!

After all, most families have their own eating habits and traditions that often don’t include consciously preparing seasonal recipes, eating for their unique body types or using food as medicine.

But, I can tell you from experience that there are two keys to happy multi-family meals:

1. Taking the initiative to contribute or cook food a dish that you will enjoy eating.

2. Present an invitation for your mom and the rest of your family to try something new. It could be a new dish, a tea for post-meal digestion or a yummy treat. The fact is that nobody likes to be harped on or made wrong about what they’re putting in their bodies so it’s import to learn how to gracefully usher in change.