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Ask Yoga Today – Poses to Relieve Sciatica

Posted: October 4th, 2011 by Sarah Kline 4 Comments

Dear Connie,

Thanks for watching and practicing with us on Yogatoday!  The best overall, gentle posture and stretch that comes to mind is “Inverted Waterfall.” To get into this posture, lie on floor with your legs up in the air with your seat against a wall. You may also take your legs into a wide angle, keeping thighs rotating towards the wall. Gravity as well as the weight of your legs will help stretch your sciatic nerves.  You may bend the knees somewhat if straight legs are too uncomfortable.

If you feel comfortable, try moving on to Wide Separate Leg Posture. Standing on the length of your mat, take your legs out wide, but do not jeopardize your ankles. Have a block to place under your hands and bend your knees as you fold forward. Try to keep your back straight – this may mean keeping your knees bent the whole time!