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Sadhana with Gurmukh

Posted: September 3rd, 2008 by Sarah Kline 12 Comments

Hi everyone… I recently returned to Jackson from Kripalu in Lenox, Massachusetts where I was practicing with Gurmukh at a women’s retreat.

the practice space

Gurmukh’s name means “One who helps people across the world ocean”…and let me tell you it was inspirational…we were up at 4:30am every morning for sadhana… morning practice which invigorated and inspired us for the day’s teaching!

Since that retreat I have committed to early morning sadhana, before the sun rises 3-6am is known in many traditions as the “Amrit Vela”–the time of nectar. It is the time before not only the sun rises, but the population rises and therefore everything is still, quiet and divine. Gurmukh promises if you can do your sadhana at this time of day the effects will be even more powerful.

the beautiful Berkshires of western Massachusetts

Meditation is one of the oldest sciences, and at the same time it is beyond time and space, healing and transformative. Look for my future entries, which will include methods of balancing the brain, bringing out our ‘inner beauty,’ preparing for menopause and many more!

I am personally so excited to be bringing you this helpful information via blogging…. please stay in touch with me at