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Long Lasting Friendships

Posted: September 3rd, 2008 by Adi Amar 5 Comments

Six gates took me to the Diamond G ranch in Dubois, WY where a women’s retreat was shared amongst 9 old friends. Friday afternoon I arrived to an expansive valley surrounded by the towering cliffs of the Absorka Mountain range. The beauty that engulfed me was absolutely breathtaking. I was greeted by 9 beautiful women who had grown deep hearted friendships for the past 35 years.
My intention was to share with them calming and relaxing yoga practices to enrich and rejuvenate their beings from the hustle and bustle of their daily lives. We all united in a large barn to share breathing and stretching techniques to restore and refresh.

After yoga we found our way back to the main house where dinner was served. With ease they shared their history of how they all knew one another, and before I knew it I was invited into their circle of love. The stories went back 35 years … laughter and memories surfaced as I listened to how life experience has taught and grown a deep wisdom within these women.

Beautiful melodies hummed form Marilee’s voice and guitar as we sat around the old wood table. Two candles flickered a peaceful glow across the faces of these incredible women. As they sang old songs about peace and love I felt the most amazing bond and energy.

The music that filled the room removed any self-consciousness, fear, or worry. A peaceful easy feeling… the support and happiness that I witnessed was sure to last another 35 years.

As my time came to retreat to my log cabin for a night of slumber, they sang me off to bed with… “Good night sweetheart well it’s time to go!” I went off to bed with a permanent smile across my face dreaming that I too will share a life long journey with great friends.